Special Events

Special Events coverage is offered to protect you and those you with that organize your special event. It is Liability coverage that can include added coverage for certain related activities. It is usually a one-day term of coverage, but can be customized over a limited short period of days. Usually one-day coverage can be for small parties, large get-togethers, wedding events, beer tents, picnics, showers, festivals and fundraisers.

Added coverages may include: Cancellation of Event or Rescheduling for a Later Date, Damage or Lost Photographs, Event Gifts, Special Attire, Event’s Jewelry, Lost Deposit and Specified Expenses. Make sure your insurance addresses the needs of your event, i.e., (1) If liquor is being served, what are requirements of the event site, permits needed, California State Law requirements for liability; and, procedures for serving, length of serving alcohol, and what to do about excessive drinking; (2) Make sure if you are planning on serving alcohol, that you have Host Liquor Liability insurance in our general liability insurance coverage terms; (3) Who will require proof of insurance and what are their requirements.

If entertainment is being provided, make sure that your venue and insurance policy requirements are addressed. Most locations require all vendors to supply proof of insurance and your site will ask to name them as an insured to your policy.

When you have an event, there maybe sponsors or venue requirements requesting to have you provide them with proof of insurance. Additionally they may want to have access to your insurance to protect them as well. To do this, they will be asking to be named as an additional insured, They will not be obligated to any of the payment terms, but will be receiving notifications on changes to the policy.

When you policy has been purchased and evidence of coverage provided to event sponsors, vendors, etc. the premium will be considered fully earned. Most carriers will not return premium or a portion of it. When purchasing, ask when the premium is considered fully earned and plan accordingly.

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