Rental Properties

This is coverage for you as a landlord. You need this type of coverage to protect your investment in the property you own and rent out to others. Property can be in a variety of types; i.e. single-family dwelling, four (4) units or less, or five (5) units or more – apartments etc.

Coverage can come in a variety of types. Liability protects the owner(s) assets, including the real property being rented, from injury or damage claims from the property’s renters, their guests, suppliers, vendors and others that may come in contact with the rental property. There is also the coverage like a homeowner, which provides protection of personal property that is the contents of the structure.

There are coverages for your structure against damages caused from basic types of losses or “perils”. These include such hazards as fire, wind, hail, theft and vandalism.

Be sure that your insurance professional discusses coverage against potential losses to your loss of rent or business interruption or unique heating and air conditioning equipment (Boiler & Machinery coverage) or Legal Fees to identify just a few.

Tenants are responsible for their own property (contents). They should purchase a renter’s policy for their own protection of their assets and liability from others. Tenant’s renter’s insurance also provides the Landlord with protection if there is a claim coming from the tenant’s activities or guests. Activities such as parties, tenant’s service vendors and tenant’s actions create liability (dig bite) are just a few of the conditions that a tenant can create liability where their renter’s policy will protect the landlord.

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